Golf Northland and Oncore Golf Partnership Alliance

OnCore Golf, the innovative golf ball technology company responsible for launching the patented Hollow Core MA 1.0 golf ball and Golf Northland Inc are extremely proud to announce their partnership alliance , a first for Golf Northland with a premier golf brand.

This partnership initially begins with OnCore Golf becoming naming sponsor for all Golf Northland Pennants Series, both Men’s and Women’s competitions. 

"We are delighted to have OnCore as the official golf ball of the Pennant Series as it has been played and rapidly become accepted as a great distance and accuracy golf ball," stated Golf Northlands Rob Pelsky. "OnCore is definitely moving into the mainstream of the golf ball world with recognition and in performance competition.

As part of our relationship, we also intend to help them in optimizing and expanding their product offerings through “play test” evaluation processes as they bring new ball designs to market, such as their new Avant 65 Compression Soft-Cell™ technology golf ball." added Rob.

OnCore's New Zealand and Australia representative, Neil Dorset, knows the importance of having the Northland Golf Pennants members consistently perform well with the OnCore MA 1.0 golf ball. Dorset enthusiastically stated, "This is just another way of OnCore helping to support our golf ball products at retail pro shops across the country."

"There is no greater testimony to the playability and competitive advantages of the OnCore MA 1.0 golf ball than to have the ball consistently perform for the Golf Northland Pennants players each week," stated Dorset.

OnCore Golf has been rapidly expanding its On-Course distribution network through PGA golf professionals as well as through better off-course golf specialty stores across the county. A key component to distribution for the Company is creating profitable business opportunities through lasting, product loyal relationships with "frequent" golfers who play OnCore golf balls competitively in environments such as this. 

OnCore Golf Technology has developed and patented a USGA/R&A Conforming Hollow Core Golf Ball that aims to have golfers achieve greater distance and accuracy by integrating into its design, for the first time, the benefits of true perimeter weighting. This exclusive design feature allows the OnCore MA 1.0 hollow core golf ball to impart enormous "Rifle Spin" when executing a golf shot and makes the golf ball to go longer and straighter, even on mishits. Longer, straighter golf shotmaking means a more enjoyable and faster game of golf, encouraging golfers of all skill levels to play more. For more information go to: .

Posted: Wed 23 Mar 2016