NZ Golf app now live!

NZ Golf app now live!

Well… it has been a long time coming, but we have finally made it into the App Store!! Both apps have now been approved by Apple, and are available for public download. Another milestone for us, and great to have a presence in this space now.

A few things to note:

  1. To find each app:
  • Open the App Store on your iphone and tap Search
  • To find the NZG app, search for nzgolf (one word) in the app store
  • To find the DotGolf app, search for dotgolf (one word) in the app store

(if either app is downloaded, there is a link to the other app in each apps menu, which should take the user directly to the app store)

  • At the moment, this initial test is for IOS user only (Android will follow in due course)
  1. Sponsors and advertising: 
  • We will be working with Vyne to apply “AdMob” for ad serving within the app. We were not able to do this until the app went live, so we will begin this process soon. We plan to add some dummy ads initially.
  • We have added a 2 second delay on the splash loading screen to ensure the sponsor gets maximum exposure:

  1. Initially, we will be closely monitoring performance impact on our servers before we are comfortable making the full public press release.

  2. We would therefore very much appreciate you taking the time to download and test the app for us.  The feedback we are looking for at this stage is around the functionality and usability of its existing functions.  There is certainly more functionality planned for release in the future once the stage one launch is complete.  Please provide any feedback you have via our support page 

  3. While we are sharing this with a very select few to start, the app is available for public use and you can therefore pass on to family and friends if you so wish.

We thank you for your patience and support in getting our app into play and we look forward to further development and progress in this exciting space.

Kind regards



Jan Rowsell  |  New Zealand Golf
Commercial and Marketing Manager

Posted: Friday 7 September 2018